9 08, 2017


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When Paying For Citizenship Applications, Ottawa charges Minors Like Adults.

Although recent changes to the citizenship act allow those under age 18 to make an application without their parents, they must pay the same fee as adults — $530.

By contrast, the fee is $100 for minors who apply for citizenship together with their parents.

Critics say children applying for citizenship on their own are probably unaccompanied minors who came to Canada alone for asylum or are estranged from their family and in such difficult situations that they can’t afford the application fee.

The government supports the amendment to make it easier for children to obtain citizenship without a Canadian parent and has made changes to clarify who can apply for citizenship on behalf of the child.


Conservative Senator Victor Oh, who put forward the amendment in the Senate to allow children to apply for citizenship on their own, said no fee-specific provisions were made in his motion at the time because he was told setting processing fees did not require legislative changes and fell within the immigration minister’s discretion.

Oh said he sent a letter to Hussen in early July and asked him to lower the fee to no more than $100, but he has yet to hear back from the minister. “We can’t discriminate and penalize the minors who apply on their own,” Oh said. “These children are the most vulnerable and they are not making it easier for them to become citizens.”


Immigration officials said the $530 application fee was put in place to reflect the increasing cost of processing. Over the past three years, an average of 29,740 children under age 18 applied for citizenship per year, the majority of them with their parents.


That’s a lot of money. The government has removed the legal barrier to citizenship for them but has now set up a new financial barrier. Theoretically, more young people could become citizens. In practice, they will find it a lot harder.


Passport Canada currently charges those 16 or older $160 for a 10-year passport and $57 for children younger than that for in-Canada applications. Immigration lawyers expect the number of unaccompanied minors applying for citizenship to be fewer than a couple hundred a year.

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21 06, 2017


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Bill C-6 will decrease the amount of time new immigrants have to wait before becoming eligible to obtain Canadian citizenship. Under the new law, immigrants will now have to accumulate 3 years before being eligible for citizenship.


C-6 will also:

Allow permanent residents who had spent time in Canada on temporary status, such as on a work or study permit, to count up to 365 days of this temporary status towards the residency requirement.

Remove the ‘intent to reside’ provision, which previously required new citizens to state that they intended to reside in Canada.

Eliminate the government’s ability to revoke citizenship from naturalized citizens who hold dual citizenship on national security grounds, which the now-governing Liberals had said created a two-tiered citizenship system when in opposition.

Permit children under the age of 18 to apply for citizenship without the support or consent of their parents.

Give individuals who lost their citizenship on the grounds that it was obtained fraudulently the right to appeal that decision in Federal Court.

With C-6 to become law on June 19, readers can find out if they are eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship under the new law by completing the CanadaVisa Citizenship Calculator.



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25 07, 2016

News on Canadian Citizenship Act (Bill C-6)

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The Government of Canada plans to make changes on Bill C-6, which will affect following subjects:

– Physical presence in Canada
Reduce to 3 of 5 years instead of current 4 from 6 years.

– Language proficiency
Change the age requirements for passing the language test. Applicants over 54 won’t need language proof.

– Revocation of Citizenship
Cancel national interest basis for nullifying of citizenship.

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