Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Atlantic Immigration Pilot continues to gain momentum

Since the Atlantic Immigration Pilot was launched last January, interest from both immigrants and employers has steadily grown. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot is a partnership between the Government of Canada and the Atlantic Provinces to attract and keep skilled immigrants, as well as recently graduated international students from Atlantic universities and colleges, to meet the unique workforce needs of the region.

As of July 2017, more than 280 candidates have been recruited. Of these candidates, more than 200 have been endorsed by an Atlantic province, the first step in using the Pilot to immigrate to Canada. These candidates can now move on to the next step, applying for permanent residence. There are also more than 400 employers in Atlantic Canada that are eligible to use the Pilot to recruit immigrants to fill job vacancies.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

To help employers and immigrants take advantage of the Pilot, IRCC has also launched a dedicated service channel. It provides support and information to help them get through the immigration process more easily. IRCC will also be fast-tracking temporary work permits for candidates so they can start working in Canada while they wait for their permanent residence application to be processed.

Federal ministers, including the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, and the Premiers of the four Atlantic provinces discussed the Atlantic Immigration Pilot as a part of their meetings on the Atlantic Growth Strategy in July.


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