Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program


The Government of Canada has partnered with four Atlantic provinces (New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island) to create Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP).

The pilot was launched in March 2017 for a period of 3 years and renewed in 2019 for another 2 years.

Under this immigration program, employers from these provinces may hire candidates for the jobs that can’t be filled locally.


To apply under AIPP, you need to get a job offer from an employer. You may apply both from within Canada and from abroad.

Employers can hire you through one of these three immigration programs:

  1. Atlantic High-Skilled Program;
  2. Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program;
  3. Atlantic International Graduate Program

The requirements of each of these programs differ and may involve your skills level, your experience, your English/French proficiency, your ability to support your family in Canada financially, your intent to reside in the Atlantic province.

If you eligible under two or more of these programs, you should still select the one that meets your backgrounds the most.

Your job offer must come from an employer designated by one of these provinces. The employer must meets the requirements of the program that you apply under. The designated and endorsed employer does not have to perform an LMIA for the employee that they invite.

Under Atlantic Immigration Pilot program, you must also take the English/French test and have your educational credentials assessed.

After you get the job offer, you must also enlist the help of a settlement service provider organization that will help you prepare a plan for settlement in Canada. You must then provide this settlement plan to your employer.

After your settlement plan is done, you must be endorsed by an Atlantic province. With the Certificate of Endorsement, a job offer, and other supporting documents (settlement plan, educational credential assessment, language test results, proof that you have enough funds etc.), you may file an application for permanent residence in Canada.

We Are Your Canadian Immigration Experts

We have assisted hundreds of skilled workers in becoming Canadian Permanent Residents upon meeting the program requirements. We will be glad to be of assistance in your specific situation. Please contact us for an assessment of your eligibility to apply under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a designated employer for immigration?

Look at the list of 2018 winners of the Atlantic Canada’s Top Employers competition. Contact the companies to see of they hire foreign candidates and would be interested in inviting you.

Are there jobs in Atlantic Canada?

The four Atlantic provinces combined have a population of only 2.3 million people. They are in need of skilled workers in oil and mineral extraction, power generation, fishing and fish processing etc.

Can you find me an employer in Atlantic Canada?

No, the onus to find an employer is on you. We can help with all accompanying paperwork and make sure your application is error-free and will go smoothly through the immigration system.