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Do you need help with an arrest warrant or a bail bond? Get in touch with Garrett T. Ogata. He is one of the leading Las Vegas best criminal defense attorneys that specialize in drug charges, domestic violence, and casino markers.

How can I get rid of a warrant without going to jail?

First, you must appear for an arraignment in front of a judge. This is where you can plead not guilty, and the court will schedule a hearing date for your bench warrant before the police take you into custody. 

You can also avoid being picked up by the police at your doorstep. Our attorney can arrange for you to show up at the jail booking area instead. There are ways to avoid going to jail, consult with our defense attorney as soon as you get a warrant to discuss your options.

Ways to beat a DUI           

If you are concerned about fighting your DUI charge in court, hire a skilled defense lawyer to help you with your case. Our defense attorney can help you beat your DUI in the following ways:

  • If a police officer stopped your vehicle for weaving without crossing lines, you could dismiss such a charge as it is not a violation in Nevada.
  • If a cop stopped your vehicle because he received an anonymous tip about you drinking under the influence of alcohol, such a charge does not stand a chance in court.
  • If your cop used Non-standardized tests like touching your nose with a finger or counting backward. Such tests are not valid in the state of Nevada to prove your state of sobriety at the time of the charge.

As one of the Las Vegas best criminal defense attorneys, Mr. Otaga knows his way around the DUI laws in the state of Nevada. Get in touch with him today to beat your DUI conviction.

What happens in an arraignment?

Arraignment is a short hearing that follows an arrest in the presence of a judge. During an appearance, a suspect will be charged for a crime in a written statement by the prosecutors. For which the suspect/ defendant can respond to the prosecutor with a not guilty plea. 

It is during an arraignment that a judge announces a tentative schedule for proceedings for the case which will include dates for the preliminary hearing and pretrial motions along with a trial date. The judge will also declare the amount for bail during an arraignment.

Las Vegas bail bonds

An accused has the right to get a non-excessive bail. Posting bail is a complex process that requires an advanced level of legal understanding. Our attorney can help you post bond for a fair amount after your arrest. However, a judge may not grant you bail if you receive charges for a severe crime or if you have too many evidence against you.

Do you need a bail for a criminal offense? Contact Garrett T. Ogata immediately, one of the Las Vegas best criminal defense attorneys to post bail or to represent your case in court.

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