Bill C-6 will decrease the amount of time new immigrants have to wait before becoming eligible to obtain Canadian citizenship. Under the new law, immigrants will now have to accumulate 3 years before being eligible for citizenship.

C-6 will also:

Allow permanent residents who had spent time in Canada on a temporary resident visa, such as on a work or study permit, to count up to 365 days of this temporary status towards the residency requirement.

Remove the ‘intent to reside’ provision, which previously required new citizens to state that they intended to reside in Canada.

Eliminate the government’s ability to revoke citizenship from naturalized citizens who hold dual citizenship on national security grounds, which the now-governing Liberals had said created a two-tiered citizenship system when in opposition.

Permit children under the age of 18 to apply for citizenship without the support or consent of their parents.

Give individuals who lost their citizenship on the grounds that it was obtained fraudulently the right to appeal that decision in Federal Court.

With C-6 to become law on June 19, readers can find out if they are eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship under the new law by completing the CanadaVisa Citizenship Calculator.

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