Turkey Citizenship By Investment

Turkey is a country historically located at the crossroads of cultures, religions, a bridge between the East and the West. Beautiful scenery, history that goes back thousand of years, unprecedented architectural marvels, and the beauty of emerald blue seas around make Turkey one of the most desirable countries in the world to live in. Turkey’s recent economic successes have turned the country into an even more desirable destination.

Turkey is running a very young but extremely popular citizenship by investment program where foreign nationals may acquire the citizenship of Turkey by purchasing real estate for at least USD 250,000. First-time foreign home-buyers have also been recently exempted from paying the value-added tax (VAT) on this purchase.

Why Invest in Turkey?

The Turkish Government only allowed foreigners to purchase freehold property in 2006, and the whole citizenship by investment program is 2 years old. In 2020, Turkey saw 7 billion US dollars of investment in real estate.

  • Citizenship can be obtained as fast as in 90 days.
  • By not paying the Value-Added Tax, you save 20% of your investment.
  • Non-residents of Turkey are taxed only on earnings obtained from Turkish sources.
  • Because Turkey is a signatory to E-2 Visa Treaty Agreement with the USA, applicants can invest in a US business (upwards of 120,000) and receive a 5-year US residency visa.

We Can Help With Citizenship By Investment

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