Francophones Can Work Outside Quebec

Francophones Can Work Outside Quebec

Francophones can work outside Quebec easily today. The Mobilité Francophone stream of the International Mobility Program allows Canadian employers outside the province of Quebec to hire French-speaking workers more easily than before.

With this change, the recruiting process under Mobilité Francophone became easier for employers and workers.

As Mobilité Francophone forms part of the International Mobility Program, employers hiring under this stream do not have to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) before the hiring.

Under Mobilité Francophone, the following conditions must be met:

– The applicant will live and work outside the province of Quebec.

–  The applicant uses French on a daily basis.

– Assessment of an applicant’s language ability is at the Visa Officer’s discretion.

Francophones Can Work Outside Quebec, Canadian employers interested in recruiting through Mobilité Francophone should take note of the following:

The employer must submit an offer of employment before making a work permit application. Offers of employment made under the International Mobility Program are submitted through the Employer Portal.

The job offer made to the foreign worker must be for a skilled position. Canada’s National Occupational Classification (NOC) system for classifying different occupations lists skilled work as level 0, A or B.

Skill level 0: Management jobs.

Skill level A: Professional jobs. Workers need a university degree in order to be hired for these jobs.

Skill level B: Technical jobs and skilled trades. Workers need a college diploma or apprentice training to be hired for these jobs.

The offer of employment does not have to require French language ability under the job description. However, the worker must have French language ability.

An employer fee of $230 is required for each job offer made through the Employer Portal. Once this has been paid, the job offer number may then be transmitted to the applicant (foreign worker), who submits the work permit application.

Visa Officers may issue a LMIA-exempt work permit that is valid for the duration of the offer of employment, or until the expiry of the travel document, whichever is earlier.

Francopones are able to apply to Express Entry program and can be elected by Express Entry Draw.


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