Global Skills Strategy

Global Skills Strategy Program is a program that assists employers to attract foreign workers with innovative skills. The program is offering help in an effort to assist Canadian companies to grow and create more jobs.

What Is The Intent Of Global Skills Strategy?

The intent of the Global Skills Strategy is to provide employers with a faster and more predictable process for attracting top-talent and new skills to Canada.

Who Is Eligible For Two Weeks Processing?

The two-week service standard applies to workers and employers. Also, it applies to family members accompanying highly-skilled workers to Canada.

Global Skills Programme

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So, What Is The Strategy?

The Strategy also introduces work permit exceptions. Highly-skillful workers who need to come to Canada for a short-term work assignment no longer require a work permit. Eligible workers are able to work one-15 consecutive day work permit-exempt stay in Canada every 6 months, or one 30 consecutive day work permit-exempt stay every 12 months.

Researchers taking part in short-term research projects also do not require a work permit. Rather, researchers are able to work one-120-day stay every 12 months without a work permit Canada. That is if they are working on a research project at a publicly funded degree-granting institution or affiliated research institution, such as a University.

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