Happy Birthday Canada – Make This Country Your Home!

On July 1, 2017, Canadians cheerfully celebrated their favorite country in the world.

For thousands of people, old and new immigrants to Canada, a far land in the North has become a cherished home and the best country on Earth. And rightfully so!

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In May 2017, yet again, Canada for the second year in a row,  was ranked second in the annual “Best Countries” survey from the U.S. News & World Report. Only Switzerland edged out Canada for the number one ranking, scoring a perfect 10 while Canada took in 9.7 in overall scoring.

But Canada ranked first in the “Quality of Life” category, scoring a perfect 10 based on a variety of sub-factors including politics, economy and health care. The report also cited Canada as being a “high-tech industrial society with a high standard of living.”

Canada ranked first in the “Quality of Life” category, scoring a perfect 10 based on a variety of sub-factors including politics, economy and health care. The report cited Canada as being a “high-tech industrial society with a high standard of living.” Undoubtedly a country of immigrants, relying on the “new blood” and talent of people, yearly arriving in Canada for permanent residencethe country is largely building its future on the best of the best, attracted by the open doors to the country for those who are professional, experienced and business savvy.

Only in 2016, Canada accepted 320,000 new residents of the country to offer them a new future where possibilities and opportunities are endless.

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Canadians love and appreciate what immigrants bring to this country. Canadians are used to people speaking numerous accents, representing their cultures and communities. Multiculturalism is not a mere term, but a reality which is a part of an every day living for us, Canadians.

In this country, we understand better than anywhere else, how different cultures and traditions intertwined enhance a success of a nation, where respect is a base for communication.

We witness increasing numbers of interracial marriages, kids growing up speaking their parents’ language as well as English and French, we see multicultural audiences in symphony concerts and baseball games, we honor each other’s heritage and traditions, and we celebrate our country.

Statistically, 99% of new immigrants find a way through the initial challenges which come along with a relocation to a new place and make it a success either in a corporate world or their self-established businesses.

Happy Birthday CanadaMost members of the team of Jane Katkova & Associates, including Jane Katkova-Brown, the Founder and Principal Counsel of the Firm are immigrants. We are a multicultural team, coming from many countries of the world, speaking many languages, talking with accents, loving tasting our national foods during lunch breaks, sharing stories from back home, jokes, and loving every minute of it!

All of us are parents, raising our children in one of the safest countries in the world. They are the new generation, for which Canada is home on every level. Our kids speak at least two languages, they are open minded and free from prejudice.

We are grateful for the opportunity Canada offered us.

Thank you, Canada!

Happy Birthday Canada!

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