Newcomers To Canada

This country welcomes Newcomers to Canada. Especially for people and ideas from around the globe. Welcoming entrepreneurs who have the expertise to turn their ideas into successful companies is one way that Canada’s openness can help build a world-class innovation economy.

The Start-up Visa Program for newcomers to Canada is a pathway to permanent residence for cutting-edge entrepreneurs launching a startup company in Canada. It will become a regular feature of Canada’s immigration landscape in 2018.

Innovative entrepreneurs can apply to become permanent residents after a Canadian venture capital fund or angel investor group has made a significant financial commitment to their business idea, or after a business incubator passes the criteria into their program. Immigrant entrepreneurs are actively developing innovative companies in Canada that are beginning to show positive results for Canada’s economy and creating middle-class jobs across a range of industries.

Tips For Newcomers to Canada

When it comes to newcomers to Canada, it is important to know, that:

  • More than 50 Canadian venture capital funds, angel investor groups, and business incubators are now designated to participate in the program.
  • As of July 15, 2017, 117 principal applicants have been approved for permanent residence. These entrepreneurs represent 68 start-ups launched in Canada with the help of the Start-up Visa Program.
  • During the first three years of the pilot program, Start-up Visa Program entrepreneurs received over $3.7 million. The money is an investment capital from designated entities to get their companies established and making contributions to the growth and innovation of the Canadian economy.

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