Removing Canadian Work Experience Requirement

Engineers With Foreign Diplomas

Engineers With Foreign Diplomas

In a groundbreaking move, the Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) announced on Tuesday that engineers holding foreign diplomas can now secure positions in Ontario without the need for Canadian work experience. This decision makes PEO the first association to eliminate the mandatory requirement of Canadian work experience for licensure applicants.

Ontario’s Law and the Impact on Engineering Licensure

The change comes two years after Ontario enacted a law aimed at reducing employment barriers for immigrants and foreign workers. Previously, obtaining an engineering license in the province necessitated at least one year of Canadian work experience. However, the new ruling from PEO overturns this requirement, providing fresh opportunities for highly skilled engineers with international educational backgrounds.

PEO’s Vision for a Diverse Engineering Workforce

A press release issued on Tuesday revealed that only a quarter of immigrants with foreign education were currently employed in their specialized field within Ontario. This statistic highlights the need for measures that enable these individuals to utilize their expertise and contribute to the province’s development.

PEO President Roydon Fraser provided further insight, stating that approximately 60% of license applications received by the association originate from engineers educated in other countries. Fraser expressed his optimism regarding the new policy, explaining that the absence of Canadian work experience as a requirement for engineering licensure would allow PEO to supply the province with qualified engineers who can make significant contributions to economic growth.

As of now, no other licensing body has yet abolished the necessity for Canadian work experience, making PEO’s decision a pioneering move toward greater inclusivity and professional opportunities for engineers with foreign diplomas in Ontario.