This month, we received an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) for one of our clients from IRCC Paris office. This is not a regular temporary residence case, and we are exceedingly excited to get one following a challenging task that we took upon ourselves.

So, what is ARC and why it is so special? ARCs are a special permission to return to Canada to individuals who have been issued a removal order. In most cases, ARCs are required for Deportation Orders.

However, in some cases they are required for Departure Orders and Exclusion Orders too if you failed to leave Canada in due time, did not verify your departure at the port of entry, or want to come to Canada earlier than 12 months (for Exclusion Orders).

ARCs are not easy to get because we are dealing with an individual who had a removal order issued against them and, as such, such applications are scrutinized and put under a microscope.

We have built a solid and convincing case, and now our client is allowed to re-enter Canada following a Deportation Order.

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