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Express Entry Draw, The Latest News


Express Entry Draw: September 16, 2020 On September 16, 2020, the Federal Government of Canada announced a general Express Entry draw for all the three programs - Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), and the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). The Government of Canada invited 4,200 individuals to apply for Permanent Residence through Express Entry draw. The CRS cut-off score fell by three points to 472 from 475 on September 2, 2020. The number of Invitations to Apply rose almost by a thousand, from 3,200 on September 2, 2020. This can only mean one thing. [...]

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In North America, Canadian Cities Lead the Way in IT


Canadian Cities Lead The Way In IT In 2018 According to a recently released report by CBRE Group, Toronto has added most technology jobs in the last five years and boasts the fourth best tech talent market in Canada and the US. Between 2012-2017, Toronto added 82,100 technology-related jobs, beating out even the San-Francisco Bay Area! Ottawa ranked 13th, followed by Montreal (14th) and Vancouver. Over the five-year period ending 2017, Montreal added 22,300 jobs, Vancouver added 16,100, and Ottawa added 9,700 jobs. In comparison to 2017, Toronto ranked two spots higher, manifesting strong job growth and the highest ratio [...]

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Immigrate To Canada Through Quebec Express Entry


QUEBEC EXPRESS ENTRY PROGRAM Quebec Express Entry was just a matter of time until the program will launch. In March, the Government of Quebec announced plans to implement a new Expression of Interest system modeled after the federal Express Entry Program. This is great news for everybody who wants to immigrate to Quebec or are in the process of doing so. Those who immigrated to Quebec within the last 10 years remember that the process was really challenging, to say the least. It was largely paper-based and utilized the first-come, first-served application process. It means that you could have spent [...]

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Express Entry 2017, The Most Popular Path To Come To Canada


Express Entry 2017 Express Entry is arguably the most popular and easy tool to come to Canada if you have the proper background, training, and skills. If you are already in the Express Entry pool or just intend to enter one, this article might help you. On May 31, IRCC has released an important Express Entry year-end report detailing 2017 Express Entry performance. We have summarized the key points of the report for you to help you better understand Express Entry and your chances. We will remind that Express Entry is not a program. Express Entry is a system to [...]

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