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Express Entry Draw, The Latest News


Express Entry Draws in June 2021 June 2021 saw four Express Entry draws. A Provincial Nominee Program Draw on June 9, 2021 had a score of 711 and invited 940 candidates to apply for permanent residence. It was followed by a Canadian Experience Class draw on June 10, 2021 which had a passing score of 368 and raked in 6,000 candidates. Another Provincial Nominee Program Draw was held on June 23, 2021, with a score of 742 and 1,002 invited candidates. It was closely followed by a Canadian Experience Class draw on June 24, 2021, and as many [...]

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Tips to Preparing A Resume for Canadian Companies The resume format in Canada must contain (in this order): 1. Contact information 2. Professional / career summary 3. Work experience 4. Education / professional development Job search is an important part of your Canadian success story. In Canada, many things depend on how you present your experience and your skills on a resume. In this way, resume becomes a key in finding a job in Canada. Many employers won’t discuss anything with you before they see your resume, and this document alone can become your only path towards employment in Canada. [...]


In North America, Canadian Cities Lead the Way in IT


Canadian Cities Lead The Way In IT In 2018 According to a recently released report by CBRE Group, Toronto has added most technology jobs in the last five years and boasts the fourth best tech talent market in Canada and the US. Between 2012-2017, Toronto added 82,100 technology-related jobs, beating out even the San-Francisco Bay Area! Ottawa ranked 13th, followed by Montreal (14th) and Vancouver. Over the five-year period ending 2017, Montreal added 22,300 jobs, Vancouver added 16,100, and Ottawa added 9,700 jobs. In comparison to 2017, Toronto ranked two spots higher, manifesting strong job growth and the highest ratio [...]

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A Glance at Israeli Immigration to Canada


Israeli Immigration To Canada Canada has firmly established itself as one of the most immigration-friendly countries in the world. In the streets of major Canadian cities, you may easily come across immigrants from every corner of the world, including Israel. The Israeli community in Canada is a strong and vibrant one, offering multiple community centres, schools, synagogues, specialized centres etc. Toronto alone is home to roughly 200,000 residents of Israeli descent. The community hosts various festival and special events to showcase the dazzling diversity of Israeli music, literature, theatre, dance, cuisine and visual arts. Among the most famous are: Spotlight [...]

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Tips to Get Great IELTS Results


IELTS HOW TO GET GREAT RESULTS If you are immigrating to Canada under Express Entry system or certain Provincial Nominee Programs, or if you consider immigration as an entrepreneur, investor or a self-employed person, it is nearly certain that your language ability will be tested. Read about the self-employed persons program If you are taking a test in English, Canada recognizes IELTS General exam for immigration purposes. Your test results may change your life. Depending on how you pass the test, you may become a permanent resident of Canada … or not. Check out these useful tips on how to [...]

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OINP, Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program – Get the Points You Need


OINP-ONTARIO IMMIGRANT NOMINEE PROGRAM For many people, Express Entry to Canada has become the fastest, cheapest, and the most user-friendly way to immigrate to Canada. It is not an exaggeration to say that Express Entry transformed the Canadian immigration landscape to an immense degree. Yet what many people come to realize after they have had their diplomas assessed, passed their English/French exams and uploaded information about themselves in their Express Entry profile is that they simply lack the points required to get the much coveted “Invitation to Apply” letter. We’ll make it simple. To get the points you need, consider [...]

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Quebec Skilled Worker Program: Details Unveiled


QUEBEC SKILLED WORKER PROGRAM Quebec has officially published the details of the new Expression of Interest system that is put in place to reduce processing times and simplify the application process for its  Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). While it is still not as fast as the federal Express Entry system, it is a huge leap forward in comparison with the old first-come, first-served application process and the sometimes-unreliable Mon Projet Quebec portal. In general, the new system is very much like Express Entry; it employs an Expression of Interest system, introduces a clear point-based algorithm and makes the whole [...]

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Canadian Start-Up Visa Program Wins As US Backs Down


Canadian Start-Up Visa Program Wins Thinking about immigrating to North America via entrepreneur program? Think Canada! In a recent announcement, the US Department of State seems to be wrapping up the Obama’s initiative called International Entrepreneur Rule. Under this initiative, a temporary residence was granted to immigrant entrepreneurs with promising start-up ideas. The move to cancel the initiative is dictated by the US Government belief that it “lacks sufficient protections for U.S. workers and investors, and is not the appropriate vehicle for attracting and retaining international entrepreneurs.” This leaves the world’s other leading economies, including Canada, well positioned to retain [...]

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Express Entry 2017, The Most Popular Path To Come To Canada


Express Entry 2017 Express Entry is arguably the most popular and easy tool to come to Canada if you have the proper background, training, and skills. If you are already in the Express Entry pool or just intend to enter one, this article might help you. On May 31, IRCC has released an important Express Entry year-end report detailing 2017 Express Entry performance. We have summarized the key points of the report for you to help you better understand Express Entry and your chances. We will remind that Express Entry is not a program. Express Entry is a system to [...]

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