How to Change an Employer in COVID times?

2023-02-09T14:59:55-05:00July 10th, 2020|

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on all areas of the Canadian immigration law. Today, we’d like to tell you about one way it has affected Work Permit applications. If you are on an employer-specific Work Permit and you want to change employers, you must apply in-Canada for a new Work Permit. However, you can start working for the new employer without waiting for approval of your new Work Permit. There are a few things you need to do for that. You need to apply for a new Work Permit (if necessary, based on a new LMIA) and get a [...]

2020 Median Hourly Wage Update for TFWP

2023-04-10T13:38:42-04:00June 1st, 2020|

Canadian immigration authorities have adjusted the median hourly wage for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). The medium hourly wage is a requirement for Labour Market Impact Assessments which are required for most work permit applications under TFWP and job offers for Express Entry programs. The wage offered to an employee determines if the application will be filed through a low-wage or high-wage stream. Here's how the wages changed since May 11, 2020. Province / Territory Median hourly wages before May 11, 2020 Median hourly wages after May 11, 2020 Alberta $ 26.67 $ 27.28 British Columbia $ 23.98 [...]