Temporary Resident Permit


What is a Temporary Resident Permit?

When an individual, such as a Permanent Resident or Temporary resident, wishes to enter Canada, she must meet the requirements of Canadian immigration laws and regulations pertaining to admissibility. The two most important admissibility factors are health and security.

People may become inadmissible to Canada based on multiple factors, such as having a contagious disease or being involved in criminal activities. There are many factors taken into account when determining admissibility.

However, if you are inadmissible, there is a way to put the inadmissibility “on hold”, allowing you to enter Canada. It is called Temporary Resident Permit or TRP. Don’t confuse it with a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV).

What is a TRP?

TRP is a document that is issued to individuals who are inadmissible to Canada, allowing them to temporarily enter the country.

The idea of TRP is to provide an opportunity to individuals who are inadmissible based on health or criminal issues to enter or stay in Canada if there are compelling circumstances that require their presence in Canada.

Specific Features of a Temporary Resident Permit

A Temporary Resident Permit, like a visa, is limited to a certain period of time that you require to do urgent business in Canada. The reasons for compelling circumstances may be different, from an important conference to visiting an ailing relative.

The timeframe of a TRP doesn’t depend on the criminal sentence that you might be serving. In fact, in certain circumstances, you may be granted a TRP when you are serving a part of your sentence.

A TRP is issued for the period of up to three years and may be extended from inside Canada.

A key word in issuing a Temporary Resident Permit is a balance. A Visa Officer will weigh your need to enter Canada against the risks to health and security of Canadians. It is important that you are able to justify your need to enter Canada.

A TRP is not reusable. It means you cannot leave Canada and re-enter it with a TRP. To do that, special authorization must be received at the time of issuance. It is the right of an immigration officer to cancel your TRP at any time.

Applying For A Temporary Resident Permit

You may apply for TRP at the consulate of your country. In this case, the processing time will take from 3 to 6 months. Or, if you are a US citizen, you may apply for a TRP at the border and you will only have to wait a few minutes.

To get a TRP, you must file an application for a TRP with supporting documents. In these, you must explain the reason of your inadmissibility and justify your need to enter Canada. The application may be different for visa-exempt countries.

Your application for a TRP must be submitted to the consulate in your country. Depending on where you submitted the application, the processing times may vary.

TRP for Citizens and Permanent Residents of the USA

If you are a US citizen or a permanent resident, you may apply directly at the border. The big advantage here is time because a TRP might be issued to you within minutes.

The disadvantage is that you might be refused at a port of entry, and your traveling arrangements may be impacted. Alternatively, US citizens and permanent residents may file an application for a TRP at a consulate.

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