Canadian flag


The beginning

A change in political landscape offered by the new government in the US has made many people in this country to explore Canada as an immigration option. No one believed this would transpire six months ago. This is real and unprecedented – the ascending of Donald Trump as the US President has descended trepidation throughout the globe.

The mayhem continues

Further to the announcement that building a wall across the US-Mexico border will soon become a reality and new policies towards illegal immigrants will be implemented, many undocumented Mexicans who have resided in the US for a long time are considering the possibility of immigrating to Canada, rather than moving back home to Mexico.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada portal actually crashed due to the infestation of traffic when the US election results were announced. Half of the volume surge on the portal could be ascribed to visitors from the US, exploring options to settle in Canada. Moreover, there has been a huge spike in the actual number of calls from people exploring various immigration options to Canada. Google has explicitly reported that the number of searches related to terms like “Canada Immigration” has surged since the election results.

Every day, we observe the interest in immigrating to Canada growing exponentially among the US citizens, green card holders and illegal immigrants.

Advantage Canada

Canada and the US in a way are more entwined through culture, art, values, trade and regulations. Not only are the population demographics largely similar between these two neighbors, but also they have commonly aligned interests and agendas. This makes it easier for US people to integrate socially and culturally in Canada considering the warm and receptive nature of the Canadians and that the economy is stable with plenty of job opportunities. The picturesque natural landscape is an add-on.

Effective December 1, 2016 the announcement of Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau to lift the visa requirement for Mexican visitors to Canada came into force. PM Trudeau made this important step in August of 2016 to deepen ties between Canada and Mexico and to increase the flow of travelers and businesses between both countries.

This new opportunity to enter and explore Canada without going through the tedious assessment of a visa application opens a new window for Mexican citizens to explore Canada in person and to learn about available programs to live here temporarily or to apply for permanent residence.  

It is easier now

Canada is more welcoming than ever with warm hearts.

The Canadian government made certain changes to its existing Express Entry immigration system in November last year favoring workforce mobility among people bounded by trade agreements within North America. That is because an applicant is floated higher in the pool due to better English proficiency with the potential of an arranged offer of employment.

Per se, it becomes much easier for Americans and Mexicans to come to Work Permit Canada due to NAFTA and then progress forward towards securing a citizenship.

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