If you are a talented athlete in a sport and qualify academically for admission to a post-secondary institution based on your merit (grades, test scores, etc.), we can assist you in the extensive athletic recruitment and selection process.

The athletic recruitment process requires knowing how to approach colleges and schools, and how to get your athletic skill noticed by an institution. Our services will guide you through the athletic recruitment process and help you apply for financial aid, if needed.

Our services include:

  • Breaking down how the process works;
  • Analyzing your athletic performance and academic achievements for eligibility;
  • Outlining your options;
  • Advising on the admission and language proficiency tests;
  • Assisting you with the portfolio;
  • Creating a list of educational institutions, contacting coaches, and showcasing your talents;
  • Finalizing the process in regards to the enrollment, financial aid, and/or visa.

If you require financial assistance for your studies, you will need to complete the Financial Need Application as outlined by the institution’s financial aid process.

Contact us today to learn more about athletic recruitment as an entry way to post-secondary education in America or Canada.