Golden Visa Portugal Citizenship By Investment

Golden Visa Portugal

Golden Visa Portugal

Golden Visa Portugal- citizenship by investment

The Golden Visa Portugal Program is becoming popular. One of the oldest countries in Europe, Portugal is known for year-round golf, rich historical and cultural heritage, fantastic beaches, friendly people, and blissful holidays in the sun. Perfectly positioned on the elegant shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is a popular European destination for adventure lovers and architecture enthusiasts alike.

Established in 2012, the Program, also known as the Golden Visa Portugal Program, enables non-residents of the European Union to obtain a special residence permit to live and work in Portugal. Subsequently, the applicant can submit documents for permanent residence citizenship.

Why Choose Golden Visa Portugal Program?

Portugal’s rich and diverse culture, along with beneficial Mediterranean culture, make Portugal an ideal destination for living, doing business, and raising a family. Access to the Schengen zone, rapidly developing economy, and secure market attract thousands of investors to the Golden Visa Program.

What are the benefits of the Program?

  • Live and work in Portugal;
  • Travel without visas to all members states of the Schengen zone;
  • Become a permanent resident or citizen of Portugal after 5 years as a temporary resident;
  • Bring your family along (spouse, partner, dependent children, dependent parents).

How To Qualify For The Golden Visa Portugal Program?

To qualify for a golden resident permit in Portugal, applicants must fulfill one of the investment requirements and:

  • Hold no criminal record;
  • Make the required investment from funds originated from abroad;
  • Comply with minimum stay requirements (7 days in the first year, and 14 days in subsequent two-year periods);
  • Your property must not be frozen in the EU territory;
  • You must first enter Portugal on a valid Schengen visa.

Investment Options In Portugal

To meet the investment requirement, you must do at least one of the following:

  • Transfer capital of at least EUR 1 million into Portugal;
  • Create at least 10 job positions in Portugal;
  • Purchase real estate in Portugal worth at least EUR 500,000 or EUR 400,000 in low-density areas;
  • Purchase real estate in Portuguese urban regeneration areas at least 30 years old worth at least EUR 350,000, EUR 280,000 for the same investment in a low-density area.
  • Invest at least EUR 350,000 in research activities focused on science or technology in Portugal.
  • Invest at least EUR 250,000 in Portuguese arts, culture and heritage
  • Invest at least EUR 350,000 on the incorporation of a company or strengthen the equity of an existing company to create or maintain at least 5 full-time jobs.
  • Invest at least EUR 350,000 in a qualifying Investment fund.

We Can Help With Citizenship By Investment

At Jane Katkova & Associates – Canadian Immigration, Global Mobility Experts, we can help you with citizenship by investment. Choosing the right program is a critically important step in making a decision. We will be by your side through the complex process of making a choice on the country of your new citizenship, will guide and assist you through the process from beginning to the end to ensure its successful completion. The whole process usually takes a few months to complete.

We will treat your case individually, and we will guide you every step of the way. We have huge experience and expertise in Citizenship by Investment programs. We will be happy to offer our skills and knowledge to make sure you get your second passport easily and quickly. Contact us for Golden Visa Portugal Program today.

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