About Us

Jane Katkova & Associates was established in 1995 by Jane Katkova-Brown.

Our boutique immigration consultancy firm specializes in all immigration and citizenship matters, related to both temporary and permanent entry and/or relocation to Canada. We provide services to private clients, organizations, and Canadian corporations and employers, assisting them in bringing professionals and semi-skilled workers from other countries of the world.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, we are proud to represent Canadians and international clients from around the globe, offering services in your language. Our offices also offer assistance with uncontested divorce filing, translation services, and legal services, such as certification of documents, powers of attorney, wills, and more.

Over the years, we have developed a great reputation for our hard and tenacious work on clients’ files and excellent service in all areas of Canadian immigration regulations. Our commitment to the success of each client is unparalleled and the depth of our involvement in every detail of a case sets us apart.

We have dedicated professionals with the expertise and ability to see you through the complex process of immigration and provide peace of mind by being there for you every step of the way. We bring a proactive and humane approach to every client. Our outstanding client service and passion for people make you want to have us in your corner!

We would be happy to meet you (or hear from you) in our offices, whether you are looking to come to Canada as a visitor, student or worker, or would like to immigrate and make Canada your new home.

At Jane Katkova & Associates, we are a team of passionate and knowledgeable professionals committed to providing high-quality immigration services by combining best counsel and advocacy with integrity, professionalism and respect to our clients.

We roll up sleeves and work hard to create efficient and practical strategies and easiest pathway for our clients in achieving the desired result.

We aspire to be absolutely the best at what we do. Every day.

Canadian Immigration Experts Team

Jane Katkova-Brown
Jane Katkova-BrownPrincipal Counsel / Founder, M.A., a Member of ICCRC, #R412959 (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council)

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Issie Fishman
Issie FishmanLawyer, Member of the Barreau du Quebec and Law Society of Upper Canada

British Flagfrench flagflag of israel

Irina Tulneva
Irina TulnevaCustomer Relationship Manager

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Mohsen Nady
Mohsen NadyPrivate Client Coordinator, Egypt region

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Albert Kant
Albert KantPrivate Client Coordinator, Turkey region

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Tim Baijanov
Tim BaijanovImmigration Case Manager

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Anna Davtyan
Anna DavtyanImmigration Case Coordinator

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Carina Podcoritov
Carina PodcoritovImmigration Case Coordinator

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Aaron Yang
Aaron YangImmigration Coordinator

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Krikor Kolasrian
Krikor KolasrianImmigration Case Coordinator

British Flagflag of jordanArmanian Flag

Gus Dadashev
Gus DadashevCase Analyst Azerbaijan Region

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Vitaliy Sokolov
Vitaliy SokolovTranslator, Case Coordinator

British Flagrussian flag Flag Of Ukraine

Maria Voronina
Maria VoroninaTranslator, Immigration Case Assistant

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Viktoriia Sorokopud
Viktoriia SorokopudImmigration Case Coordinator

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Lyudmyla Volynska
Lyudmyla VolynskaCustomer Service Manager

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Madiha Qurashi
Madiha QurashiSenior Case Manager- Dubai Region

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