Business Immigration To Canada For Entrepreneurs

business immigration to Canada

Business immigration to Canada is a popular path for entrepreneurs and investors. Canada has long been considered a land of opportunities and the optimal destination for millions looking for a better quality of life for themselves and their families. For centuries, immigrants have been the backbone of Canadian society, helping it grow and develop into one of the world’s strongest, multicultural, and democratic nations.

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Explore Canada’s Array of Business Immigration Programs and LMIA for Businesses

Start-up Visa Canada

Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program targets immigrant entrepreneurs who possess the skills and potential to build innovative businesses in Canada while creating jobs for Canadians and competing globally.

The potential business must get support from a designated Canadian organization for the immigrant entrepreneur to immigrate to Canada.

To be eligible for a Canadian start-up visa, you must meet four requirements:

  • Have a business that qualifies

You must own at least 10% of the voting rights tied to all the company’s shares. You and the designated organization must possess at least 50% of the voting rights linked to all the company’s shares.

  • You should have a letter of endorsement from a specific organization

You must show that you have received funding from a venture capital firm, an angel investor organization, or a business incubator. To do so, you must propose your company idea to the organization and persuade them that it is worthwhile to support.

Each organization’s approach to pitching a business idea will be different.

If your pitch is successful, the organization will provide you a letter of support, which you must include with your start-up visa application.

  • Meet the language requirements

You need to take a language test from an approved agency and demonstrate that you can speak, read, listen, and write at the minimum level of the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 in either English or French.

  • Proof of funds

You need to demonstrate that you have enough funds to support yourself and your family upon arrival to Canada. The amount will depend on your family size.

Intra-Company Transfer

The intra-company transferee stream of Canada’s International Mobility Program allows high-skilled foreign nationals to work temporarily in Canada as intra-company transferees. If you work for a company with a subsidiary, branch, or affiliate in Canada or if the Canadian company is your parent company, you may be eligible to secure an LMIA-exempt work permit in Canada. The intra-company transferee provision applies to all countries.

Immigration to Canada as a Self-Employed Person

Under Canada’s Self-Employed Persons Program, permanent residence status is granted to eligible self-employed foreign nationals with relevant experience in cultural activities or athletics.
Candidates must have the experience, ability and intention to make a significant contribution to Canada’s cultural life or sports. You must meet the eligibility requirements and achieve at least a minimum passing mark under the selection criteria to be considered for immigration.
Note that there is no minimum net worth requirement. That said, you must have enough funds to settle in Canada along with your dependents and finance the work for which you were selected by yourself.

LMIA for Canadian Businesses

Business Immigration to Canada - Foreign Worker for Business and Entrepreneur Immigration

Are you a Canadian employer looking to hire a foreign national? Before your new employee can apply for a Canadian work permit, you must apply and obtain a positive LMIA. A positive Labour Market Impact Assessment is granted to an employer who can prove to the Canadian government that no Canadian citizen or permanent resident is ready, willing, or able to fill the required position in Canada. Only then a Canadian business owner may be given the green light to hire a foreign worker. The foreign worker must then apply for a work permit supported by the positive LMIA work permit before traveling to Canada for work.

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Our client-oriented focus guarantees that we handle each case with an individualized plan and an outside-the-box thinking approach addressing each client’s unique situation and ensuring that they take full advantage of the immigration programs and remedies available.

We care; we relentlessly fight in the best interests of our clients and achieve desired results. With 20+ years of expertise, our goal is to serve and provide high-quality, creative, and result-oriented assistance to our clients.

We are a highly experienced team of experts who stay current on changes in immigration regulations and conditions worldwide and are experienced in navigating Canada’s often complex and challenging immigration system.

Our stringent administrative monitoring makes sure that each application is meticulously and expertly handled from beginning to end and that your immigration file receives ongoing attention.

Given the possibility that applications will be denied or processed administratively, it is critical to have a business immigration expert on hand knowledgeable with the available choices and who can file an appeal or judicial review of an unfavorable decision as soon as possible. Our team at Jane Katkova and associates are ready to hold the government accountable for its acts, and we will never hesitate to search every possible avenue.

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FAQs about Business immigration to Canada

Successful business people and entrepreneurs are welcomed by Canada if they are looking for opening new doors and obtain valuable opportunities. The Canadian Business Immigration programs are popular since they have been designed not only to motivate and encourage business people but also to facilitate their immigration to Canada.

Federal government as well as the provincial and territorial governments have their business programs for business immigrants to help them settle down and start a business in Canada.

In General, Business Immigration programs are categorized into two main programs:

Business visitors and business people are not the same. A business visitor is someone who comes to Canada to take part in international business activities without being part of the Canadian labor market. Business visitors usually stay in Canada for a few days or a few weeks but are able to stay for up to six months. Business visitors do not need a work permit. However, Business people come to do work in Canada under a free trade agreement. Business people can enter and work in Canada if they qualify under one of Canada international agreements (CUSMA, FTAs, GATS).

Canada welcomes successful business people who are looking for new opportunities and challenges. The Business Immigration Program is designed to encourage immigration of these individuals.

Depending on the program and the province you are going to invest, the money to invest ranges from $150,000 to $800,000 CAD.

Of course, you can. Canada is one of the best countries that welcomes foreign investment and allows entrepreneurs open their business. Canada immigration programs are leading in the world by providing opportunities for international businesses, entrepreneurs and their families.

One of these ideal programs is Intra-Company Transfer work permit which is exempt from LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment).

Business ownership needs organization, a lot of discipline and hard work to be successful. Undoubtedly, starting a business is really challenging for an immigrant business person.

Canada welcomes successful business people who are seeking new opportunities and challenges. The Business Immigration Program is designed to encourage and facilitate the admission of these individuals.

Canada is one of the most business-friendly economies in the world, that is why many entrepreneurs and business people would like to immigrate to Canada. The government of Canada, as well as certain Canadian provinces have some programs ideal for entrepreneurs, such as Start-Up Visa program, Self-employed Person program, and also Provincial Entrepreneur Programs. C11, an LMIA-exempt Work Permit, is another appealing option for an entrepreneur to run their own business in Canada.

Permanent residents, also known as landed immigrants, are able to legally start businesses in Canada. Both the federal and provincial/territorial governments welcome permanent residents/business immigrants, and offer services to help immigrants start a business and settle in Canada.