Canadian Experience Class



Canadian Experience Class (CEC) immigration program is one of the immigration programs in the economic class covered by Express Entry application processing system.

This program gives you an opportunity to apply for Canadian permanent residence via fast-track Express Entry Canada application management system.

This is a good program for skilled workers with Canadian work experience who can use the program to immigrate to Canada.

If you have been a temporary foreign worker, this is a great option for you. Canada values such individuals, as they have settled into the Canadian society, established important networks, gained necessary Canadian experience and are recognized in their communities.

Canadian Experience Class Requirements

You must:

  • have at least one year of Canadian work experience obtained in the last three years;
  • depending on the NOC (National Occupational Classification) code of your job, demonstrate CLB level 7 [1] or CLB level 5 [2] in the English language, or NCLC level 7 [1] or NCLC level 5 [2] in the French language;
  • plan to live outside the province of Quebec.

If you have been self-employed person in Canada or had some work experience while you were a full-time student, this does not count as work experience for CEC purposes.

Your work experience should be in one of the following NOC categories:

  • managerial jobs[5];
  • professional jobs[6];
  • technical jobs and skilled trades[7].

Canadian Experience Class Application Process

To apply for Canadian permanent residence under Canadian Experience Class you have to make an expression of interest by creating a profile in the Express Entry system.

If you apply from Canada, you may remain in Canada during the application process. You may also submit your application from abroad, as long as you do it within three years since you left your job in Canada.

The Canadian Experience Class requirements are pass/fail based, so as long as you meet the minimum requirements, you are allowed to enter the Express Entry pool.

Popular Option for Students

Canadian Experience Class is very popular among international students[ref]see more about study permit[ref], who complete a program at a Canadian post-secondary institution. After completion, they often get a postgraduate work permit. If during this time the student obtains at least 12 months of skilled experience, they will be eligible to enter the Express Entry pool under Canadian Experience Class.

Job Offer Based Immigration

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