Permanent Residence

A Canadian Permanent Resident is a person who has been granted permanent residence in Canada by the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) through one of the various immigration programs. However, they’re not Canadian Citizens. They’re citizens of their primary countries.

Permanent Residence Requirements

There are various programs through which a person can become a permanent resident of Canada. Each program has a different set of requirements set by the IRCC, and you have to meet these requirements to become eligible for permanent residence.

Some of the programs that you can check if you’re eligible for include:

Note that you can also become a permanent resident if you hold temporary residence, such as a student or work permit. Simply apply for permanent residence through one of the programs that you qualify for.

How to Apply for Permanent Residence

  1. Check Eligibility

Depending on the program that you’re using to apply for your permanent residence, there are requirements that you must meet to be eligible. Here are the main programs that you get your Canadian PR through:

  1. Get Application Package

Get the permanent residence application package given by IRCC on their website. Some programs such as Express Entry programs and grandparent or parent sponsorship require an invitation to apply for PR.

Once you have the application package, fill the forms and attach all the documents requested by IRCC. Some application categories, such as grandparent and parent sponsorship, have strict deadlines, which is why it’s always good to prepare the necessary documents early.

  1. Pay the Fees

Each process has some payments that must be paid to avoid rejection or delay of your application. Some of the payments include:

  • Processing fee
  • Right of permanent residence fee
  • Biometrics fee
  1. Submit Your Application

After completing your PR application and attaching all the relevant documents, mail it to IRCC using the given mail or courier services.

Permanent Residence Processing Time

Permanent residence processing time is dependent on the type of program you’re using to apply for your PR.

Permanent Residence Checklist

  • Ensure you apply through the most suitable program for a successful case
  • Prepare all the necessary documents before your application
  • Make sure you or the person you’re sponsoring for PR is eligible
  • Make all the payments through the right channels

Cost of Permanent Residence

The cost of permanent residence includes all the fees paid during the application process. Each process has some payments that should be made to process and approve your application. Simply click on the program you’re interested in on our services offered list, and you’ll find all the payment and program details.

Benefits of Permanent Residence

As a Canadian permanent resident:

  • you can work, study, or live anywhere in Canada
  • the Canadian laws protect you
  • you can apply for Canadian citizenship
  • you benefit from most social assistance that the citizens get

Obligations of Permanent Residents

As a permanent resident, you have to:

  • Respect and abide by all federal, municipal, and provisional laws
  • Pay taxes
  • Renew your PR card every five years
  • Ensure that you live in Canada for at least two years (730 days) in every five years. In some cases, time spent outside Canada can also be counted.
  • Make sure you have your PR card on you at all times. If you travel and misplace your PR card or it expires, you can apply for a PR travel document.

What A Permanent Resident Can’t Do

As a permanent resident, you can’t

  • Vote
  • Run for office
  • Hold high-security clearance jobs

Losing Permanent Residence

You can only lose your permanent residence if:

  • You’re issued with a removal order
  • An adjudicator rules that you can longer be a PR in Canada after a PRTD appeal or inquiry
  • You voluntarily give up you PR status
  • You get Canadian citizenship

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to apply for permanent residence in Canada?

For most permanent residence applications, you must pay the Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF) which is 490 Canadian dollars. You can pay the fee after the application is approved and before you become a permanent resident. However, to avoid delays, it is recommended to pay your RPRF at the same time you pay your application fee. These are two different fees.

Do I need to take an English test to immigrate to Canada?

Yes, you need to to take a test in English or French. If you choose English, you must take IELTS General test. Read our tips on how to get great IELTS results.

If my application for permanent residence in Canada is denied, will I get my Right of Permanent Residence Fee back?

If you withdraw your application or are refused, RPRF is refunded to you.

Does the term “permanent resident” mean the same as “landed immigrant”?

The term “landed immigrant” is an old classification, meaning an immigrant who has entered one of the Canadian designated ports of entry in a legal way. Once you land in Canada, you are given a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR) paper that confirms your legal status in Canada.

What is the difference between a citizen and a permanent resident?

Permanent residents enjoy the same rights as citizens, except that they can’t vote, run for a political office, or apply for some government positions requiring security clearances.

Can a permanent resident become a citizen of Canada?

Yes, a permanent resident can apply for Canadian citizenship once they have lived 1,095 days in Canada within the five years preceding the date they submit an application for citizenship of Canada.

May I leave Canada while I am a permanent resident of Canada?

Yes, you may leave Canada at any time. However, if you don’t want to lose your permanent status in Canada, you must live in Canada for at least two years within a five-year period. The two years do not have to be continuous.

How We Can Help

Whichever pathway you choose to use to gain permanent residence in Canada, we, at Jane Katkova & Associates – Canadian Immigration, Global Mobility Experts, have tackled it and successfully enabled our clients to come to Canada. We help our clients check their eligibility, fill out the forms, make payments, and submit them early enough for a higher chance of successful application. We also help permanent residents renew permanent residence cards.

Contact us to learn more about Canadian permanent residence and how our services can enable you to immigrate to Canada.