1 09, 2017

Can a visitor give birth in Canada?

2017-09-01T00:32:03+00:00 September 1st, 2017|

As in the case of other foreign nationals not holding Canadian citizenship, children born in Canada of foreign representatives who are not Canadians by birth and no longer accredited may eventually be naturalized Canadian citizens, subject to relevant provisions of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and once the residency obligations as set out in section 5 of the Citizenship Act are met.

22 08, 2017

Does citizenship of a child gives the parents a right to get a PR or citizenship?

2017-08-22T16:59:39+00:00 August 22nd, 2017|

No. A child born in Canada will come back home to the country of origin after the delivery. A grown
up child can come to Canada to study and then stay here permanently. However, in order the parents of
the child be granted a permanent residence, they should go through a sponsorship process, which
requires their Canadian kid to comply with the sponsorship program requirements, such as income,
admissibility factors, etc.

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