MPNP (Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program)

With 15,000 thousand people coming to Manitoba annually, the province located between Ontario and Saskatchewan, offers jobs and careers, friendly communities and affordable family living.

Many newcomers to the province come to Manitoba through Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. By applying through MPNP, you may receive a Manitoba Provincial Nomination Certificate and use it to apply for Permanent Residence.

Now, Manitoba brings people under the following active streams:

Skilled Worker

This stream operates through the Expression of Interest system. The candidates submit a profile and are placed in the Expression of Interest pool. The highest-scoring candidates are invited to submit an application to MPNP. There is no cap and no deadline.

Skilled Worker in Manitoba

This stream is for qualified temporary foreign workers and international student graduates who currently work in Manitoba and have received a permanent, full-time job offer from the Manitoba employer.

Manitoba Work Experience Pathway

This is a stream for candidates who currently work in Manitoba on a work permit (both foreign workers and graduates of Canadian post-secondary institutions on Post-Graduation Work Permit).

Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway

This is a pathway for international applicants interviewed by Manitoba employers outside Canada. The interviews are conducted jointly by a Manitoba employer and a representative of MPNP.

Upon successful interview, the applicants will receive an Invitation to Apply for provincial nomination.

Skilled Worker Overseas Stream

This is a points-based stream for candidates outside Canada. Minimum of 60 points must be scored under the five eligibility factors: age, language, work experience, education and adaptability.

Additionally, an applicant must demonstrate either of the following: connection to the province through family or friends, past education, employment, or an invitation from Manitoba.

Manitoba Express Entry Pathway

This is an Express Entry-based pathway for candidates who meet Express Entry requirements. Candidates are expected to demonstrate experience in one of Manitoba’s In-Demand occupations and a family or a friend in Manitoba who has resided in Manitoba for at least a year.

Human Capital Pathway

This is a pathway for candidates whose education and work experience align with Manitoba’s in-demand occupations list.

Candidates who score at least 60 on Manitoba’s Skilled Worker Overseas points grid will be put in the pool and assigned a score of 1,000 points.

The selected candidates will receive a “base” nomination, meaning this is not an Express Entry-aligned stream.

Business Investor Stream

This is not an Express Entry-aligned stream, and it operates through the “Expression of Interest” system.

It is subdivided into two pathways – one for farm investors (Farm Investor Pathway) and one for entrepreneurs (Entrepreneur Pathway).

Under Farm Investor Pathway, candidates with farm business experience and sufficient capital may apply to establish and run a farm in the province.

Under the Entrepreneur Pathway, the province accepts applications from eligible foreign business owners who intend and are able to move to Manitoba to purchase or establish a business or act as co-owners of the existing business within the first two years of coming to Canada under a temporary work permit.

Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative

This is an immigration initiative by a rural town of Morden located 112 kilometres from Winnipeg. They are looking for new immigrants who have experience working as welders, carpenters, cooks, plumbers and pipefitters.

Among requirements are IELTS General test with a minimum score of 5 in each band and two years of work experience. The applicants must be aged 21 to 45 and have no connection to other Canadian provinces or territories.

International Education Stream

This is a stream for Manitoba graduates that provides a faster pathway to permanent residence. It breaks into three pathways: Career Employment Pathway, Graduate Internship Pathway, and the Student Entrepreneur Pathway.

Career Employment Pathway targets graduates from designated post-secondary institutions in the past 3 years (program must last at least for a year).

Graduate Internship Pathway is for candidates who completed Master’s and Ph.D. programs in Manitoba.

Under Student Entrepreneur Pathway, up to 20 international students a year who graduated from a Manitoba education institution are allowed to establish and operate a business in Manitoba on a temporary work permit.

Having worked as a senior manager of their business for at least 6 months and having complied with requirements of the Business Performance Agreement, the applicants can file for Permanent Residence in Canada.

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