Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program – Business Impact Category

The Province of Prince Edward Island welcomes business professionals with entrepreneurial spirit interested in launching or acquiring a business in the province. Through the Business Impact Category of the PEI PNP, entrepreneurs from all over the world are invited to apply to become permanent residents based on their business accomplishments and potential contribution to the provincial economy.

There are two streams within the Business Impact Category to choose from, according to the expected share or investment the candidate will obtain in the prospective Canadian business. Each stream – ‘100% Ownership’ or ‘Partial Ownership’ – has its own set of eligibility criteria and conditions to be met by candidates.

Note: Priority consideration for provincial nominations will be given to applications that are best positioned to further the provincial economy and contribute to its key industries, including established sectors such as agriculture, fishery and forestry, and emerging sectors such as infotechnology and renewable energy, among others.

For more detailed information on the program requirements and application process please refer to Prince Edward Island Office of Immigration website.

Prince Edward Island

  • Often referred to as “The Garden Province”, PEI is one of the Atlantic Provinces on the east coast of Canada;
  • PEI has a mild climate due to its location in the warm waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence;
  • Major industries in PEI include agriculture, tourism, and fisheries;
  • Clams, scallops, mussels and oysters are famously farmed in PEI and harvested for Canadian and global consumers.  Here, lobster season occurs twice per year;
  • Prince Edward Island is famous for its beautiful beaches, boasting over 90 sandy beaches for swimming and boating. Even more impressively, there is no place in the province that is more than 16 kilometers from the sea;
  • PEI is proud to generate 15% of its electricity from renewable energy sources.

Doing Business in Canada

  • Canada proudly offers a strong growing economy;
  • Low taxes and business costs create a great climate for launching and developing business in the country;
  • Canada is recognized for excellence in research and innovation;
  • Canada leads in rankings for high quality of life among the G-7 nations.