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Panya Jain

RCIC R511000 Regulated Immigration Consultant
IECA Associate Member Education Consultant
TABS Associate Member
International ACAC (OCAC) Member

Dear Parents!

Here in Jane Katkova and Associates besides being Immigration and Education Consultants we are also loving and caring mothers who know how important and difficult it is to find the best High School or University for your children among hundreds of options. You feel an immediate responsibility for helping your children to make the right choice as it is a turning point which will define their future life. Having experienced all complication and trouble of finding the most appropriate educational or recreational institution by ourselves we make sure your family goes through this process as smoothly as possible.

We also understand the worry about your child being far away from you in another city / country. That is why we included a broad variety of services to ensure the ultimate safety of your child from travel and homestay arrangements to cell phone set-up to give you an inner peace of mind. We work hard to make a careful due diligence of the educational institutions, camps and homestay facilities that we recommend to our clients.

As mothers we know your strong desire to give your child the best future possible and as Education Consultants we know how to make this come true.

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We are passionate about helping students to choose the best educational path

Our goal is to find the most appropriate educational or recreational institution for our clients, based on their needs, talents, marks, family values and future career goals.


We are knowledgeable, mobile and result oriented.

We provide personalized Educational Placement Consulting services as follows:

  • Assist in choosing and applying to best appropriate Canadian or USA middle, high school or collage (boarding or homestay options available);
  • Assist in choosing Canadian or USA Postsecondary College or University, including postgraduate programs and specialized programs as MBA, Law, Medical School;
  • Assist in preparation for testing, interview preparation, compiling an Application to educational institution;
  • Assist with the preparation for testing: SSAT/ISEE, SAT, ACT, Essay guidance, Online Application Sites, Interview Prep, including MMI;
  • Assist in choosing and applying to Canadian or USA summer camp;
  • Assist in choosing and applying to Canadian or USA English as a Second Language Educational programs;
  • Prepare Visa Documents for the clients;
  • Dedicated support line (phone and e-mail) for Student and Parents;
  • Arrange for Medical Insurance;
  • Travel arrangements.

Colleges and Universities, Ivy League Universities in Canada and USA

  • Choosing a College (Post-secondary) or University (including transfers and Postgraduate);
  • Assisting with ED, EA, REA, RD, SCEA and Rolling Admission;
  • Assisting in selecting an appropriate program based on marks, knowledge of English, interests and career goals;
  • Assisting with the application process, including Essay and Additional question guidance;
  • Assisting with testing: SAT, SAT II, ACT (+ with Writing), GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT;
  • Assisting with the TOEFL or IELTS Prep;
  • Assisting with the co-curricular activities, athletic recruitment process, available scholarships;
  • Guiding on the preparation of doc for College/ Uni application;
  • Complete visa support;
  • Arranging and conducting campus tours;
  • Assisting with billing system;
  • Arranging and assisting with meeting with Collage/University Admission Team/Director(s);
  • Arranging student’s accommodation (including home-stay or dormitory);
  • Arranging (if required) Medical insurance;
  • Tutor, ESL and Academic assistance;
  • Guardianship Services (for minors under 18 years of age);
  • Travel arrangements for school breaks;
  • Dedicated support line (phone and e-mail) for Student and Parents.

Learning Today… Leading Tomorrow

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We believe that North American Education is one of the best in the world. We assist our Clients explore their possibilities and enjoy life milestones and achievements.

Independent and Private Middle and High Boarding Schools in Canada and USA

Quality Education… By Any Means Necessary


Tell us what your educational goals are and we will find you the right school

  • Choosing a school, filling out the application forms, preparing all application documents, consulting on guidelines in writing essays, tests and participating in interviews;
  • Complete visa support;
  • Arranging for campus tours;
  • Arranging and assisting in meeting with School Admission
  • Arranging and supervising preparation for School Admission Tests;
  • Arranging for home stay (short and or long term) or assisting with boarding;
  • Assisting in settling in the school and making Canada or USA “home away from home” (initial bank account set up, sell phone, assisting in purchasing uniform, textbooks and school supplies);
  • Assisting in communication with the school administration and parents to bridge the culture gap (attending parent/teacher interviews, school transcripts translation, regular reports to parents, visits to students);
  • Tutor, ESL and Academic assistance;
  • Arranging for Medical Insurance;
  • Assisting with the billing system
  • Guardianship Services in Canada (for minors under 18 years of age for a fee);
  • Travel arrangements;
  • Dedicated support line (phone and e-mail) for Student and Parents;

English Language Learning Classes and Summer Camps in Canada and USA

  • Choosing a Summer camp or English learning Classes, filling out the application form (s), prepare all the necessary documents;
  • Complete visa support;
  • Arranging and conducting campus tours;
  • Assisting with billing;
  • Arranging for transportation to and from camp/airport;
  • Arranging for a home stay family;
  • Arranging for special accommodation (with a friend);
  • Arranging for Medical Insurance;
  • Guardianship Services in Canada (for minors under 18 years of age);
  • Travel arrangements;
  • Assisting in communicating with the administration;
  • Providing information and consulting services on Boarding School, Post-secondary College or University pathways and placement during studying in English Language Program;
  • Additional cultural/sports Activities Program (by request);
  • Dedicated support line (phone and e-mail) for Student and Parents.

What is your child doing this summer?

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