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Express Entry News As of November 19, 2016 people who submitted their application to Express Entry Canada and receive an Invitation to Apply have 90 days (have had 60 days) to submit an application with required supporting documents. Comprehensive Ranking System changes: 200 points - candidates who have a "Major Group 00 Senior Management Occupation" job offer and an LMIA; 50 points - candidates who have any other skilled occupation job offer; up to 30 points - candidates with Canadian educational credentials; The Canadian government is planning on making further changes to Express Entry Program to attract more high skilled immigrants. Related [...]

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The higher your points the better your chances


On August 24, 2016 Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) invited 750 Express Entry competitors, who scored 538 points and more, to apply for permanent residence. As you can see the high score is the only chance to receive the Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Permanent residence. Tips to increase your points: - Improve your English/French language test results; - Strengthen your education by receiving additional certification; - Obtain additional work experience; All these tips apply to your spouse or common-law partner as well. Build and Strengthen Application together and it will pay you later.   Jane Katkova & Associates is [...]

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Manitoba introduces new sub-stream for Express Entry Nominations


MPNP Express Entry Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program has launched a new "sub-stream" to nominate a limited number of MPNP applicants for consideration under the Government of Canada's Express Entry system. MPNP Express Entry Under the first 'pilot' phase of this initiative, only applicants who meet ALL the criteria below and are directly contacted by the MPNP will be considered for nomination. How Can You Enter MPNP Express Entry Program? The MPNP will directly contact a limited number of applicants who: have an existing open application with a MPNP file number in the Skilled Worker Overseas stream within our [...]

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Ottawa to Improve Express Entry System and Temporary Workers’ Program


Immigration Minister John McCallum recently said the government plans to adjust the express-entry system to allow recent international graduates of Canadian universities to transition into the permanent express entry immigration system. As well, beyond Atlantic Canada, TFWs will no longer be seen as competing directly for jobs with Canadian workers, including workers who are willing to move to where the jobs are. The government should continue to promote economic opportunities for Canadian residents seeking employment in their own province or moving to other provinces in search of better opportunities. More consideration should be given to attract immigrants with skills the Canadian [...]

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Quebec Immigration Minister Announces New Immigration Plan: ‘Together, We Are Québec’


The new plan is, in many ways, similar to the Express Entry system used by the federal government of Canada for the selection of economic immigrants. Under the new system, candidates seeking to immigrate as skilled workers will be required to "declare their interest" bv submitting an online profile, and will be added to a bank of candidates for a predetermined period. Applicants who most closely meet Québec's needs will be invited to submit a formal immigration application on a priority basis. At the end of the predetermined period, candidates who have not been invited to apply will be removed from [...]

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Police Certificates and Express Entry Completeness Checks


POLICE CERTIFICATES This update may affect individuals who receive an Invitation To Apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residence through Express Entry. Language revisions were made to clarify the text, and under Exceptional circumstances, the instructions have been changed to reflect that clients are required to provide both proof of having requested a police certificate and an explanation of their best efforts to produce a police certificate before the 60-day deadline after the ITA has been issued. These Exceptional circumstances are outlined below. In addition, the instructions have been revised to reflect that police certificates are required up front and are [...]

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