Why Business Immigration?

At Jane Katkova & Associates – Canadian Immigration, Global Mobility Experts, we dedicate a significant part of our corporate portfolio to business immigration programs and pathways. Business immigration is an area that combines immigration law and corporate law.

Business immigration programs have a few advantages over regular Economic Class immigration programs. They are privileged programs and each applicant is considered based on their own merit.

You might not have the age, the education, or the high language test results to qualify under federal immigration programs. However, if you have high net worth, if you have the business experience and/or a business idea, you may very well immigrate to Canada.

Another great benefit of business immigration in Canada is that you are already employed! You won’t have to find a job in Canada, as your job will be owning and operating your company, developing your own business, doing what you love, essentially!

Business Services

Such business immigration opportunities as Start-Up Visa Program, Self-Employed Persons Program, and Owner / Operator Work Permit may require the following business services:

  • name search, registration of a company, creating and filing articles of incorporation, registration of a business number with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA);
  • preparation of the company’s comprehensive business plan;
  • obtaining of an opinion of the chartered accountant regarding financial standing of the newly incorporated Canadian company of the client;
  • creating and maintaining a business website.

The comprehensive business plan must show the business financing and creation or maintenance of employment; this plan must include a rudimentary financial plan and a timeline of events.

Unlike other companies, we do not write business plans. We are immigration experts, and we do what we know best – making strong and convincing cases by navigating in the vast labyrinth of Canadian immigration laws and regulations.

That said, in our more than 20 years of immigration experience, we have forged strong relationships with reputable business advisors and business consultants who we trust our cases with. They have proven the quality of their work, and they provide the final product that we need to ensure that our client’s business immigration program gets the approval.

As we work on our business cases, we also instruct the clients about what documents they need to provide to support their active involvement in the management of the business and remuneration according to his/her qualifications and experience at a level equal to or greater than the median wage requirements for the occupied position.

We also advise what employment efforts must be taken to prove that the newly incorporated Canadian company has hired or will hire Canadian citizens or permanent residents (which if often a requirement of business immigration programs).

How We Can Help

If you are thinking about business immigration, we will be happy to offer you the following options to see which stream / program fits your needs better:

Start-Up Visa Program

Owner / Operator Work Permit + Immigration

Self-Employed Persons Program

Provincial Nominee Programs.

If you are looking to create a provincial / federal corporation in Canada or need someone to write a perfect business plan for you, we’ve got some of the best people in the industry to deliver the product you are looking for. Get in touch with us today, and get the answers you are looking for!