Changes Advertising Requirements LMIA

Changes to Advertising Requirements for LMIA

The requirement to advertising a job posting on the Government of Canada’s Job Bank will be extended to all employers in all provinces and territories. Pursuant to this change, employers located in a province or territory with a provincial or territorial job board will now be required to use the Government of Canada Job Bank.

In addition to using the Job Bank, employers must conduct at least two additional methods of recruitment that are consistent with the occupation they are seeking to fill. Employers located in a province or territory with a provincial or territorial job board may use the provincial or territorial job board as one of the additional recruitment methods.

Employers will also be required to use the Job Match service when advertising on the Government Of Canada’s Job Bank website Government of Canada’s Job Bank. This service will allow employers to see anonymous profiles of registered job seekers. These profiles correspond to the skills and job requirements listed in an employer’s job posting. Each match will be rated under a system of one to five stars. The more stars received by the job seeker for the position, the greater his or her compatibility with the position.

It should be noted that employers and/or occupations in certain sectors, such as the IT/tech sector, who are qualified to use the recently launched Global Talent Stream, are exempt from the mandatory LMIA; Labor Market Impact Assessment LMIA advertising requirements.

More employers are required to advertise positions through the Job Bank and to use the Job Match service requirement as a result of these changes. These rules are extended across Canada.

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