List For Required Medical Examinations

IRCC updates country list for required medical examinations.

If a visitor wants to come to Canada for six months or less, he or she does not require a medical exam; unless he or she plans to work in certain occupations:

  • workers in the health sciences field,
  • clinical laboratory workers,
  • patient attendants in nursing and geriatric homes,
  • medical students admitted to Canada to attend university,
  • medical electives and physicians on short-term locums,
  • teachers of primary or secondary schools, teachers of small children,
  • domestics,
  • workers who give in-home care to children, the elderly and the disabled,
  • day nursery employees,
  • other similar jobs.

If a visitor wants to come to Canada for more than six months:
He or she will need a medical exam if a person:

  • have lived temporarily for six or more months in one or more of the countries or territories listed below in the one year immediately before the date of entering Canada. (This applies even if you are a citizen of a country that does not need a visa to enter Canada.)
  • will come to Canada to work in an occupation in which public health must be protected.
  • apply for a Parent And Grandparent Super Visa.

Please find the list of countries for which an immigration medical examination is required:

Afghanistan  Haiti Nigeria
Algeria Honduras Northern Mariana
Angola Hong Kong Pakistan
Armenia India Palau
Azerbaijan Indonesia Panama
Bangladesh Iraq Papua New Guinea
Belarus Island – Truk Paraguay
Bosnia-Herzegovina Island – Yap Peru
Botswana Islands – New Guinea Philippines
Belau – Republic of Islands – Solomon Ponape
Brazil Islands – U.S. Trust Terr. of Pacific Qatar
Benin Kazakhstan Romania
Bhutan Kenya Russia
Bolivia Korea, North Rwanda
Brunei Korea, South Sabah
Burkina Faso Kosovo Saharawi Arab Democratic Rep.
Burma (Myanmar) Kosrae Sao Tome e Principe
Burundi Kyrgyzstan Sarawak
Cambodia Laos Senegal
Cameroon Latvia Sierra Leone
Cape Verde Lesotho Singapore
Central African Republic Liberia Somali Republic
Chad Libya South Africa – Rep. of
China Lithuania Sri Lanka
Comoros Macao Sudan
Congo, Democratic Republic Madagascar Swaziland
Djibouti Maio Taiwan
Dominican Republic Malawi Tajikistan
Ecuador Malaysia Tanzania
El Salvador Maldives Thailand
Equatorial Guinea Mali Tibet
Eritrea Mauritania Timor-Leste
Ethiopia Moldova Togo
Fiji Mongolia Tunisia
Gabon Moorea Turkmenistan
Gambia Morocco Tuvalu
Georgia Mozambique Uganda
Ghana Namibia Ukraine
Greenland Nauru Uzbekistan
Guam Nepal Vanuatu
Guatemala New Britain Vietnam
Guinea New Guinea Mainland Wallis and Futuna
Guyana New Hebrides Western Sahara
Islands – Admiralty New Ireland Yemen
Islands – Cooz Nicaragua Zambia
Islands – Marshall Niger Zimbabwe

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