Dual Citizenship

What is dual citizenship?

It is a legal status in which a person is simultaneously a citizen of two countries. More and more countries today offer dual citizenship in exchange for a significant financial contribution or investment in their country’s economy. In 4-6 months, you can be holding a second passport and enjoy all the advantages of a dual citizen, to name a few:

The Advantages of Dual Citizenship
  1. YOUR Mobility, travel, and ease of moving around the globe. Dual citizenship will give you visa-free access to the world’s most sought-after countries, including European Schengen Zone, the UK, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Turkey, to name a few. You will save time and money on long application processes, visa fees, and even potential visa refusals and enjoy longer stays without extending or reapplying for a new visa. Travel has never been more accessible, no visa- no hassle. Just grab your passport, and off you go!One great example is Malta’s passport; it is considered one of the strongest passports in the world, with access to over 180 countries, including North America.
  2. YOUR business will gain access to new markets, existing and emerging. All countries offering second citizenship welcome new investors and entrepreneurs. They are encouraged to open new companies and invest in their country, which will open doors for you and your business to new deals and possible expansion that may have been impossible with your original passport and citizenship. You will have the chance to choose from a wide range of business spheres in some of the world’s largest economic zones, such as the European Union and Hong Kong, all at your fingertips.
  3. YOUR Taxation benefits: Dual citizenship can help you plan for a more favorable tax strategy. It doesn’t mean that you will pay fewer taxes or live tax-free right away, but it offers you choices depending on your home county’s tax system and tax treaty agreement with the new county. Suppose your home country follows a residential tax system. Under this system, you only need to pay tax if you meet specific residency requirements.You can choose where to live and which tax system best suits your financial needs. For example, you can withdraw from your home country’s tax system if you decide to get a second passport in a country like St. Kitts, which offers no tax on worldwide income, given that you fulfill the residential requirements. You can also choose a country with a double taxation treaty with your home country, which will allow you to pay taxes in one or the other country but not in both. At the end of the day, it gives you options and the power to decide how much and where to pay taxes.
  4. YOUR Safety & Security: Getting second citizenship in another country will give you peace of mind. A second passport is the best insurance policy money can buy; It offers protection from any invasive new laws, political and economic crisis, or natural disasters in your home country. You and your family can enjoy a stable and safe country at your convenience and need since most countries that offer citizenship by investment do not impose permanent residency. You can come for a week or stay forever; the choice is yours.
  5. YOUR quality of Life: You can access first-class education for your children from elementary school to world-renowned universities. Top-tier education opens doors to prominent and diverse employment opportunities. Your children can have access to the best job markets in the world. In addition to an excellent education, you and your family can enjoy reliable & low-cost healthcare and an enhanced lifestyle. Give yourself and your loved ones a comfortable life in a friendly environment for generations to come.
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