We are a big office, and we process various applications every day, and almost every day, we get updates from the immigration ministry of Canada regarding the results of our cases. We have a success rate of 98%, therefore most of these news are positive.

Today, we’d like to share with you the news on two recent cases because each one is uniquely important, and we will tell you why.

The first of this cases, an application for permanent residence in Canada based on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds was approved in the end of June. Why is it special?

This was a very difficult, unusual case.

The people involved were rather young, and there were two of them, and both got approved.

We have put together a massive file, making a clear and convincing point that our clients deserve compassion, deserve mercy, and Immigration Canada agreed with our reasoning.

We are overwhelmed with joy for our clients, and we are proud to have delivered the result they were hoping for. Now a family of two is reunited with their relative in Canada and they can be together and enjoy each other’s company in peace and happiness.

The combined effort of our staff led by visionary Jane Katkova who built a strong and convincing strategy supplemented by solid research resulted in today’s victory.

H&C cases are highly discretionary, and the average approval rate is low. We are proud to have won 100% of our H&C cases because we work hard, we think hard, and we invest 100% of our energy, time, and dedication to build THE STRONGEST CASE possible.

To remind, any person is entitled to apply for permanent residence in Canada based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds if the case has the merit and meets the legal test.

Another case which was approved in the beginning of July 2020 was a TRV case, an application for a temporary resident visa.

This application was submitted outland to a visa office in Ankara, Turkey, and we have recently received a request for passport, and forwarded it to the happy client.

While it is true that most people still can’t travel to Canada, our client was fortunate to have an immediate family member in Canada (a Canadian citizen), and this means he can join his family soon, because travel restrictions don’t apply to him!

Most importantly, this serves as proof that outland visa missions are processing TRV applications, and they continue receiving approval. Yes, the waiting times are longer due to COVID-19, but everyone will get there!

Canada has always been an immigration-friendly country, and even now does everything possible to accommodate the needs of visitors, workers, and students wishing to make Canada their temporary or permanent home.

Let’s stay positive and trust the words of the Mmmigration Minister who said on July 1, 2020, “This is the success story of immigration in Canada. We actively seek to bring the best and the brightest from around the world to drive our economy forward. Today, highly trained professionals choosing Canada as a place to live and work help Canadian businesses grow, tap into new markets, and create more jobs for Canadians.”