c11 work permit

Canada is one of the most business-friendly economies in the world, which is why many entrepreneurs and business people would like to immigrate to Canada. C11 work permit is LMIA-exempt.. It’s an appealing option for an entrepreneur to run their own business in Canada.

This is an LMIA-Exempt work permit specifically for entrepreneurs and business people in order to manage their own businesses in Canada. This work permit falls under the International Mobility Program (IMP) which allows foreign entrepreneurs to get a work permit to operate a business in Canada.

Actually, there are two LMIA-Exempt Work Permits through International Mobility Program:

  1. For employers to hire temporary workers from all over the world
  2. Exemption code of C11, which allows entrepreneurs and self-employed business persons to apply for a work permit without LMIA.

Through C11, you may apply as an entrepreneur who wants to come to Canada temporarily, or as an entrepreneur who is looking for a permanent residence program. Self-employed entrepreneurs and business owners in Canada managing their businesses under the C11 work permit may finally obtain permanent residence status in Canada. C11 is suitable for the following:

  • Self-employed persons that would like to start a business in Canada;
  • Entrepreneurs who would like to buy a business or franchise in Canada;
  • Individuals who were selected under any of the Entrepreneur PNP programs.

Applicants seeking only temporary residence

Foreign nationals applying to work for themselves or to operate their own business on a temporary basis must show that their entry to Canada to operate their business would bring significant economic, social, or cultural benefits or opportunities for Canadian citizens or permanent, particularly if the worker is providing a unique service.

Applicants seeking eventual permanent residence

If the applicant intends to start or buy a business and eventually stay in Canada on a permanent basis, officers should encourage the applicant to apply for permanent residence.

Requirements for the C11 Work Permit

The applicant must convince the officer that they:

  • own a business or a majority share of a business in Canada (at least 50%);
  • have the relevant experience and capacity to operate the business in Canada;
  • have the potential and financial capacity to run the business plan;
  • have a realistic business plan to be implemented;
  • have taken significant steps to execute your business plan;
  • their business will bring significant benefits to Canada.

What does “significant benefit” mean?

The applicant needs to see whether:

  1. the work is creating a practical business that will benefit Canadian or permanent resident workers;
  2. the applicant has a particular background or skills that help the viability of the business;
  3. there is a business plan that clearly shows that the applicant has taken steps to begin their business;
  4. the applicant has taken some measures to activate the business plan (by showing the financial ability to begin the business and pay expenses, renting space, etc.).

The process Of the C11 Work Permit

A C11 work permit does not automatically get the applicant permanent residence status. In order to be a permanent resident, the applicant must first apply for C11 work permit. And after successfully managing the business in Canada for 12 consecutive months (at minimum) with a valid work permit, the applicant may then apply for Permanent Resident Status through the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Getting ITA (Invitation to apply) for Express Entry by the IRCC will be the last step.

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