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Canada Exress Entry – EXPRESS ENTRY ASSIST

Your Affordable Guide To Successful Immigrate To Canada

Immigration Canada has announced that skilled workers will be able to use a ‘fast lane’ to enter Canada. This program called Express Entry.

Since 1995, our immigration lawyer Toronto firm has been helping many clients to immigrate to Canada. Recently, we started a program called Express Entry Assist in which we handle the process for our clients for an easy and smooth entry for express entry Canada.

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Are you eligible for Express Entry Canada program?


  • are willing to immigrate to Canada as a “skilled worker” or a “skilled trade”, and

  • analyze your eligibility for express entry program;

  • need to create or review Your Express Entry profile;

  • need advice on how to present your credentials in best manner;

  • need assistance with choosing NOC code to best match your job duties and work experience;

  • have questions about assessment of your foreign education;

  • require help with preparing work references;

  • seek advice on the preparation of supporting documentation;

  • seek to avoid delays in processing of your application due to the lack of information or inaccuracies

  • require help with navigating through Express Entry on-line system

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if a country has special procedures for getting police certificates? 2017-08-22T17:12:47+00:00
Immigration and Citizenship Canada is aware that for some countries there are special procedures in place to get police certificates.
Can I ask to only be considered under one of the programs I choose under  Express Entry? 2017-08-22T17:09:07+00:00
No. Under Express Entry, the system will find which programs you qualify for based on the answers you give in your profile. If you qualify for more than one program, we will decide which one to issue the invitation to apply under.
What language test do I need for Express Entry? 2017-08-22T17:08:22+00:00

Before you complete an Express Entry profile, you need to take a language test (IELTS general, CELPIP or TEF). This will show that your language skills meet minimum requirements in each of these four categories:

  • listening,
  • speaking,
  • reading and
  • writing.
Do I need to include proof of funds for Express Entry? 2017-08-22T17:07:51+00:00
You will be asked to enter in your Express Entry profile the amount of money you will have to help you settle in Canada. This is to show that you can support yourself and any family who come with you to Canada, nd helps us assess which programs you may be eligible for.
Do I need to include medical exams and police certificates for an online application? 2017-08-22T17:06:38+00:00
Yes, you must include all medical exam confirmation letters and police certificates for your application for permanent residence to be complete.

What is the next step for express entry Canada?

Many of our clients retain our services to avoid grave mistakes in creating their Express Entry profile.

Save your time and effort and use us to enter Canada with Express Entry Assist program – Express Entry Canada.

Get an immigration counselor to guide you through the process at a fraction of regular retainer cost.

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