Citizenship By Investment In Saint Lucia

St. Lucia is a sovereign island country in the eastern Caribbean sea to the northwest of Barbados and south of Martinique. Established in 2015, St. Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment encourages foreign investment by granting citizenship status to qualifying applicants in just 4 months. St. Lucia prides itself not only by incredible scenery, but by its unique identity and people that make the vital difference.

Jagged volcanic pits, dense forests, strips of perfect white sand beaches, and emerald oceans attract wealthy tourists and investors. The island boasts tourist villas, sugar plantations, and the world’s only drive-in volcano! St. Lucia has one of the world’s densest rainforests. Tired of the surface? Dive 30 feet deep and see the different world of octopuses and giant crustaceans, or take a trip to Turtle Reef to … see the green turtles graze on seagrass.


It takes around 4 to 6 months to become a citizen of St. Lucia. Citizens of St. Lucia get visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 144 countries and territories, including Schengen Area countries and the United Kingdom.

If approved, the investors will also benefit from the attractive tax regime. On St. Lucia, there is no wealth, gift, inheritance, foreign income or personal income tax. Business visitors will also benefit from corporate tax incentives, exemption from import duties, tax relief benefits and export allowances.

The principal applicant can be joined by the spouse, children below the age of 25 and dependent parents over the age of 65. Together you can enjoy your time on one of the most developed and scenic islands of the Caribbean, while having access to high-quality healthcare services throughout the island.


There are four investment options for applicants under St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program (processing and due diligence fees excluded):


Contribution to the National Economic Fund (NEF).

A single candidate must make a non-refundable contribution of $ 100,000 to NEF. For a candidate with a spouse – $ 165,000. A family of up to four people will be paying $ 190,000. Each additional dependent regardless of age adds $ 25,000.


Real Estate Investment.

An investment in pre-approved real estate of $ 300,000 is required.


An applicant can invest $ 500,000 in government bonds.


A minimum investment of $ 3,500.000 into an approved enterprise project which creates at least 3 jobs.

We Can Help With Citizenship By Investment

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