Quebec has officially published the details of the new Expression of Interest system that is put in place to reduce processing times and simplify the application process for its  Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP).

While it is still not as fast as the federal Express Entry system, it is a huge leap forward in comparison with the old first-come, first-served application process and the sometimes-unreliable Mon Projet Quebec portal.

In general, the new system is very much like Express Entry; it employs an Expression of Interest system, introduces a clear point-based algorithm and makes the whole process much easier.

There are differences from the federal Express Entry system too. One of the biggest ones – there are no draws. The minimum passing score is 50 points. And if you get a passing score, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be invited.

The newly published regulations come into effect on August 2. Let’s take a closer look at the new rules.

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Nationals of other countries 18 years-old or older can submit their profile in the Expression of Interest Bank. Just like with Express Entry, these profiles will be scored based on such factors as education, work experience, knowledge of English/French, financial self-sufficiency etc.

To be eligible, the candidate must get a minimum of 2 points for education (equivalent to a secondary school diploma) and 1 point for financial self-sufficiency.

Differently from the current QSWP point grid, maximum points awarded for Validated Employment Offer increase from 10 to 14.

Selection Factors for Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Factor Points (maximum)
Education 14 (minimum 2)
Training 12
Employment experience 8
Age 16
English/French proficiency 22
Stay and Family in Quebec 8
Spouse/partner characteristics 17
Job offer 14
Accompanying children 8
Financial self-sufficiency 1

Also differently from Express Entry, Quebec introduces a group of factors called Employability, which factors in education, training, employment experience, time spent in Quebec, knowledge of English/French, availability of family in Quebec and a job offer. The required cut-off score for Employability is 43 and 52 if an applicant has a partner or a spouse.

Finally, there is another grouping of factors called Selection, which includes Employability, children and financial self-sufficiency (passing score of 50 points or 59 with a spouse/partner).

What can affect your invitation?

The minimum cut-off score that can bring you to Quebec is 50 points. However, as we have briefly mentioned in the beginning, if you get these points, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be invited.

In fact, other selection criteria that relate to the applicant’s ability to successfully settle in Quebec may apply, including trade, occupation, a specific destination in Quebec. If an applicant’s country or region is affected by a humanitarian crisis, this may also affect the selection.

If your work experience is in an occupation that is in demand in some of Quebec’s outlying regions, you may be prioritized too.

QSWP processing time and deadlines

If you are invited for a Quebec Selection Certificate, you have 90 days to submit your application. The processing time for QSWP candidate will be reduced to less than 12 months from the current 32 months.

The profiles in the Expression of Interest system will be valid for 12 months from the date of submission.


Under the old system, applicants could submit their applications only at specified time of the year and only until a fixed quota was met. So if you forgot about the date or were late to submit an application for some reason, you had to wait for another chance.

The new system will enable anyone 18 or older to submit an EOI profile at any time of the year, thus eliminating the rush and hurry.

Quebec expects the new system to be cutting-edge, efficient and performance driven and to actually meet the needs of Quebec society and labor market.

How we can help?

We can help you set up a profile in the Expression of Interest system correctly so that you can get the maximum score that you deserve.

When you are selected, we will help prepare an error-free and efficient application that will run smoothly and quickly through the system.

While you can absolutely try to complete the immigration process by yourself, you should be aware that a mistake can cause unnecessary delays or denial of your application; and a poorly completed profile can never get you selected for Quebec’s skilled immigration program.