Canada is full of highly skilled workers who are under Temporary Residence. Such people have integrated with the Canadian citizens, established themselves within their fields of expertise, and are acquainted with most things Canada. The Canadian Experience Class is an economic immigration program designed under the Express Entry to help workers with Canadian experience gain permanent residence and continue working in Canada.

Canadian Experience Class Requirements

To qualify for the Canadian experience class program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Work experience:
    • Have at least 12-months work experience gained within the last three years in Canada
    • Work experience must be under the following NOC classification(one or more)
      • NOC Skill Level 0: Managerial jobs
      • NOC skill type A: Professional jobs
      • NOC skill type B: Skilled trades and technical jobs
    • Language skills (writing, reading, speaking and listening):
      • For NOC level 0 or A jobs, you should have a minimum CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) of 7
      • For NOC level B jobs, you should have a minimum CLB of 5
    • You must plan to stay outside of Quebec province. However, if you want to live in Quebec, ask us about the Quebec Skilled Workers Program

How To Apply For Canadian Experience Class

  1. Check Eligibility

You must fulfill the requirements given by IRCC under Express Entry for Canadian Experience Class to be eligible. IRCC has provided an express entry eligibility tool to determine your eligibility.

  1. Complete and Submit Express Entry Profile

If you’re eligible, the eligibility tool redirects you to an online Express Entry website where you create your account and fill out a profile. You have up to 60 days to complete and submit your profile.

  1. Improve And Update Your Express Entry Profile

Once you’re in the Express Entry pool, you can improve your profile and your overall score by getting a valid job offer from Canada, increasing your language score, and getting more work experience. Whenever anything changes, even if it’s negative, always update your profile so that it remains valid and accurate.

  1. Prepare Your Documents

Although submitting your Express Entry profile doesn’t assure you of getting invited to apply for permanent residence, you should prepare yourself just in case. You do this by preparing all the necessary documents so that when you get an invite, your application will move smoothly and fast.

  1. Receive An Invite And Apply For Permanent Residence

When you submit your profile to the Express Entry pool, you and all the other candidates are ranked using a point-based system referred to as the Comprehensive Ranking System. If you’re among the highest-ranking candidates, you’re invited to apply for permanent residence.

Canadian Experience Class Processing Time

It takes up to six months for the IRCC to process CEC applications.

Canadian Experience Class Checklist

  • Ensure you’re qualified for CEC application (experience, work, language and other requirements)
  • Send your profile and PR (if invited) forms before the given deadline to avoid delays or rejection
  • Make sure you prepare the required documents before the invites start to roll out

Canadian Experience Class Application Cost

CEC is part of the Express Entry economic programs. All the Express Entry programs are free to apply. However, when you receive an invitation, you’ll pay some fees for permanent residence application and biometrics.

How We Can Help

At Jane Katkova & Associates, we are your Immigration consultants, which can be backed up by our 20+ years of experience. We have not only helped hundreds of skilled workers gain permanent residence in Canada but also gained knowledge on how to navigate the complex immigration system.

Let us offer our expertise to help you immigrate successfully into Canada as a skilled Canadian worker. We’ll be glad to determine your eligibility, fill out your Express Entry profile, prepare your documents, complete your PR application, and submit anything required by the IRCC.

Contact us to enquire about the Canadian Experience Class Program and how we can work together for a successful outcome.